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Auteur(s)Zaepffel, Alain (Haute-Contre Contre-Ténor) ;Byrd, William ;Bennet, John ;Ward, John ;Tomkins, Thomas ;Sidney, Philip ;Boleyn, Ann ;Hume, Tobias ;Dowland, John ;Eléments (Ens. instrumental)

Titre(s)Dramatic laments.

Editeur(s)Adda : Adda (distrib.), 1985, P. 1985/1986.

Contient My sweet little darling ; Venus' bird. - O lord turn not away this face ; Fantasia. - Born is the babe ; Ye sacred muses. - Alman ; O Lord how vain. - O death rock me asleep ; I am falling. - Cease, leaden slumber ; Musicke and mirth. - Fain would I change ; The passion of musicke. - Cloris sigh'd ; Love's farewell. - Lasso vita mia ; Tickell, tickell ; Bust forth, my tears.

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