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Auteur(s)Boards of Canada (Interprète) (Ens. instrumental) (Ens. vocal)

Titre(s)Geogaddi / Boards of Canada.

Editeur(s)Warp, 2002.

Contient Ready lets go. - Music is math. - Beware the friendly stranger. - Gyroscope. - Dandelion. - Sunshine recorder. - In the annexe. - Julie and Candy. - The smallest weird number. - 1969. - Energy warning. - The beach at redpoint. - Opening the mouth. - Alpha and omega. - I saw drones. - The devil is in the details. - A is to be as b is to c. - Over the horizont radar. - Down chorus. - Diving station. - You could feel the sky. - Corsair. - Magic window.

GenreElectro. Ambient. Downtempo;

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92053470Bibliothèque4 BOA 2Adultesen rayon
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